Aqeedah e Tawheed is first thing first in Islam

Aqeedah is our compliance with divine law and the starting point in Islam. Its is the conviction and belief about your Lord and the foundation and declaration of faith. Tawheed means unification ie. making something one or asserting oneness. So Aqeedah e Tawheed means conviction and belief about your Lord and realizing and affirming Allah’s unity in all … Read more

Currency , Blockchain and Crypto Curency

We are dependent on others to live alive in this world. Give and take is a part of life, of course with best possible bargain. Whenever we do a transaction, we either give or take. In barter system we exchange goods and services on the spot. Sometimes we need something without anything to exchange on … Read more

Necessity of Understanding the Quran-Part 7

Do Not be in Haste, Take your time to understand the Qur´an One should not make hurry in reading/understanding the Quran just for the sake of completing it. Every one needs their own time to understang it. Some may take less time ,some may take more time. Some may require to go through different translations. … Read more

How do we comprehend the world around us Part 4

Signs vs Science The concept of cause and effect has its own limitations. It is unable to explain the extreme ends of existence like how the existence came into being and how it will end. How matter, space and time came into existence. Did they come into being one after the other and if it … Read more

How do we comprehend the world around us? Part-3

The question of “How it is this?” The third question “How it is this” is also a tough question but human beings with their capability found it interesting and a bit soft to explore. “How it is this?” questions, how a thing or a phenomenon happens and behaves with the surrounding over a period of … Read more

How do we comprehend the world around us? Part-2

“What? Why?” It is a well-known fact that we try to understand the things around us because we can see and feel them with our senses. Of course, our senses has got limitations, but the capabilities our senses can be enhanced to a certain limit by using tools. Without these five senses it would have … Read more

How do we comprehend the world around us? Part-1

As we grow up, initially our mind is a blank canvas. We feel and observe the world around us with our five senses. To comprehend something, we consciously or semi-consciously plot certain reference points in our mind which is initially blank. We then try to derive the meaning of the things around us in reference … Read more

Necessity of Understanding the Quran Part-6

Approach to Understand the Quran, Beware of Ignorant and Hypocrites While reading/understanding the Quran we should always avoid the extremes, that one cannot understand and learn from it without an expert and also the other extreme that one can understand and learn everything of the Quran by own. To understand Quran, the best way is to learn Arabic and understand it. But even though the original version of the Quran is in Arabic, one can get a lot of meaning and understanding out of a translation in any language. So, one can read the Quran in the language they understand. As far as understanding of Quran is concerned, while reading, certain level of basic … Read more