How do we comprehend the world around us? Part-2

“What? Why?”

It is a well-known fact that we try to understand the things around us because we can see and feel them with our senses. Of course, our senses has got limitations, but the capabilities our senses can be enhanced to a certain limit by using tools.

Without these five senses it would have been impossible for us to know whether we exist or not as we would have not able to feel our own being in existence. So, our existence is in some way is because of our senses in relation of the world around us.

As we grow up and explore the world around us. We start questioning everything around us and the common questions are:-

What is this?

Why it is this?

How it is this?

But with the passage of time, we get so much involved in our day-to-day life activities that we rarely get any time to think about these questions. And if at all by chance such question ever comes to our mind, we just ignore them.

The question “What is this?” is a very tough question and a puzzle for mankind through ages. We human beings had simply accept something as something. We give it a name and try to deduce its relationship with us and the things around it.

The second question “Why it is this?” is also a tough question and a puzzle for human race to answer. We human beings had accept the fact that, this is it, as it had to be it.

Human beings have tried hard to know “What?” and “Why?” of the things around them ever since they came to the Earth, but unfortunately, they could not reach to a clear conclusion . Some group of people concluded that there is some supernatural power who brought everything into existence and that power knows “What?” and “Why?”. Some group of people think that with the advancement of human knowledge someday mankind will crack the puzzle of “What?” And “Why?”. There are also some people who thinks that it is none of there business to know all of this and they are not at all concerned about this, they enjoy simple living with common sense.

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