How do we comprehend the world around us? Part-3

The question of “How it is this?”

The third question “How it is this” is also a tough question but human beings with their capability found it interesting and a bit soft to explore. “How it is this?” questions, how a thing or a phenomenon happens and behaves with the surrounding over a period of time. Over centuries our curious mind was able to acquire lot of knowledge on “How it is this”. We started systematic study of the things and phenomenon around us and this idea of systematic study of things with empirical proof has led to evolution of science.

To know “How it is this?” we use the concept of cause and effect. Which means every cause has an effect and every effect must be because of some cause. Here, we simply have to trace the links of the chain represented by cause and effect over a period of time to know how things happens or changes from one stage to another . In fact, human mind by default is programmed to use this technique to acquire knowledge form the beginning till date. We identify the cause and effects, correlate them, and weave the series of happenings over a period of time. Theories like “present is the key to the past” and “organic evolution” are all in line with the concept of cause and effect. Astonishingly this concept is key for every investigation. Be it scientific research, a criminal investigation, argument of lawyer in court, decision of Judge in the court. All of them do not have any alternative rather than to trace the line of investigation in the direction led by cause and effect.

Interestingly, It is the exploration of “How it is this” by human beings across centuries that led to their advancement. It changed their status in the world with unbelievable achievements.

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