How do we comprehend the world around us Part 4

Signs vs Science

The concept of cause and effect has its own limitations. It is unable to explain the extreme ends of existence like how the existence came into being and how it will end. How matter, space and time came into existence. Did they come into being one after the other and if it is so how is it possible? For instance, if matter came first then where will we put matter without space, also when will we put matter in space when there is no time. Issue is we cannot imagine the existence of time, space, and matter independently; they have to come together in existence.

Coming back to the question of what caused matter, space, time to exist. What was the first cause which brought all of them into existence in a single go. Can the physical laws known to human beings will be able to explain it? Whether the existence is a self-running show, or some superpower is running the show from some far-off place ( may through quantum entanglement ha ha ha )  .Scientists with logic have tried their best to give many theories, not to say about  Big bang theory (a good try) but the question is who made the Big bang happen.

Religious people put it on a supernatural power who created everything and regard it as a sign of God. For them God is not affected by time, space and matter. He is outside the existence and the law of nature does not applies on him. They say If according to science and logic there is nothing like supernatural power and spirituality then how can we trust our human brain which is formed by evolution of materials gathered over billions of years by chance, which we think thinks rationally.

Further the religious people say that science believes in a limited God whereas they believe in an unlimited God. Their logic is if we can comprehend an unlimited God by our 1300 to 1400gms brain then he is not worth worshipping. For them God can be felt by his signs in existence. They believe that God has created the existence and running the show. They believe that what we can comprehend as science from our research and observation is only the  operation of the universe captured by our senses with the help of cause and effect.

So, the religious people say that the truth of origin and end of everything can be comprehended with the signs of God and not by science discovered by the human race. God has made natural laws and we all are under the ambit of them. It depends on this laws whether it will allow us to know everything about the existence or not and if yes then the law itself will determine when it is going to divulge everything.

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