How do we comprehend the world around us Part-5 (End of the Series)

Limitations of Cause and Effect

The dilemma with scientists is that through science and logic it’s not possible to prove the existence of God at the same they are unable to come out with a scientific theory to explain everything in the existence from beginning to end.

Scientific theories are temporary, it may be that results of experiments agree with a theory. Many times a single experiment that contradicts with the prediction of the theory is enough to nullify the theory.

But the question remains there loud and clear. Can we know everything about the existence? Is it possible to know being the part of the existence/system or we have to move out of the system to know the system as the law of nature will apply on us as well when we are inside the system? Are we all programmed within limited predefined boundaries by someone?

To have a universal theory to explain everything in the existence from smallest particle (Higgs Boson ,God Particle )to largest entities like stars, we must have a good idea about the following.

1.       The initial state of the existence. What? and why? (Some people think that science do not have an answer to it, and they regard the question of the initial situation as a matter for metaphysics or religion).

2.       To know the laws which change universe with time. If we can know what the universe is like at any one point of time but it is not possible.( Please refer Heisenberg’s uncertainty princple) then the natural laws will tell us how it will look like at any later time.

Interestingly our approach to know about the existence through cause and effect has limitations. Neither it can trace back to the first cause that triggered the existence in past nor it can determine the final ultimate scenario (effect) in the future.

Probably we are only left to accept that existence started out of nothing (without a cause) and will end into nothing (without cause or trace of effect). Thus, It can be assumed that, at the very beginning existence started with a single event (Cause and effect at the same time) and then the chain of cause and effect continued till someday when everything will come to an end by a single event (cause that will destroy the effect or vice versa).

Amidst all of these confusing wild guess, a very simple approach to console our inquisitive mind is to simply believe that………….. everything started when it was started,………… we will come to know about everything when the time will come,………… and everything will end when the time ends.

End of the Series

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