Necessity of Understanding the Quran-Part 8 (End of the series)

What Kind of Guidance we are Seeking from the Quran to be Benefited from It

Any intelligent person can learn Arabic, study the Quran, Hadith, Tafsir (detailed explanation) and memorize the Quran in no time. He or she can understand Allah’s book within a very short period. But the psychological requirement that is required to be benefited from the Quran is a lifelong struggle. They are something that we can gain at one time in our life and lose at a later point of time. They are not something we can keep; they are something we have to fight hard to maintain. And more than anything else, we have to fight with ourselves. They are not like general university courses that once you graduate and meet those pre-requisites, you get the degree and you do not have to go back to college anymore. This is not the case with the Quran and Islam. In Islam we have to struggle every day to maintain it.

So, while reading and understanding Quran we should always remind ourselves that:

  •        Why am I learning this ?
  •      Why am I learning Arabic ?
  •      Why am I learning Tafsir ?
  •      Why am I reading the Translation ?
  •      Why am I memorizing this or that Ayat ?
  •       What is the point of all of this? what is the intent ?

The common answer is that we are doing this to seek guidance from Allah. But seeking guidance is not enough, for everyday comes with a new set of choices. Should I do this should I do that. Should I look there or should I look down. Should I talk back or should I stay quit. Should I think this or should I think that. Should I earn my money this way or should I earn that way. Should I pursue this or should I leave this. Every second of the day and night we are faced with choices. So, when we ask for guidance, we ask Allah to give us strength to make right choices.

To conclude, the basic motive of this writeup is to encourage one to read the Quran with understanding. It is not written to criticize anyone. This write up is compiled as per my understanding. It is the result of my deliberation and musings over a period of time. This is a small effort on my part as per my understanding. The write up might reflect signs of ignorance and gaps in my understating as well as in my articulation. What appears sound in this write up should be regarded as favour from the Almighty and the outcome of blessings of my parents and all those who had been a part of my life’s journey at some point of time or other.

What appears unsound should be attributed to my own oversight. I request you all to make Du’a for my parents and all of those who have been a part of my life. It will be a great pleasure to receive your guidance, feedback and suggestions.


  • Please ignore and discard anything in this write-up which is not in coherence with the Quran and Authentic Hadith.
  •  Ayats of the Quran mentioned in this write-up is referred from the translation of the Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

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